This story is based on an interview with a friend, a former British Army corporal who served in the Army Special Investigation Branch following service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in North Africa, Palestine and Suez during the period 1949–1957. I believe that the essence of what he told…

Using special relativity, but you’ll still need your thumb


Firstly, a word from the author

If you’ve got even this far then you must be strange — and I don’t mean in the quantum mechanical sense.

And if you can understand what’s to come then you must be charmed — and I don’t mean that in the quantum mechanical sense either.

I only write about…

I was a planner all my life, until I started writing

By User:Kosmopolitat — Machine from own collection, photographed by myself, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Business, IT project management —for many years I was a planning consultant, and expert in laying out the future of software development and systems implementation for business and government departments. I had a very strange technology journey:

And then in 2004 I started writing a novel based on an idea…

James Marinero

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